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About Us

Our Vision

“To be a leading organization in education, health and community empowerment, targeting children, youth and women”.
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Our Mission

“To contribute to the promotion of socio-economic development through support to education and health initiatives, community empowerment and promotion of good cultural values and practices”...
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Our Objectives

§ To enhance access to education for disadvantaged children, and youth.
§ To contribute to improved health standards for children, youth and women .
§ Community empowerment

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Our Staff

The Patron - Her Royal Highness the Nnabagereka (Queen) of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda Luswata...
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Our Contacts

Program Manager
Plot 20,Kampala Road
Radiant House 3rd Floor
P.O Box 33825
Kampala Uganda.

Tel: +256-414-344669
Fax: +256-414-345882
Email: ndt@one2netmail.co.ug
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News And Events


  • Girl’s Bursary Scheme
Raise funds to expand and sustain the Bursary scheme for disadvantaged girls.
  • Establishing a vocational education and training school in Wakiso District
The NDF proposes to build a vocational and technical school in Wakiso District.   22.5 Acres of Land have been secured where the school will be located, and technical drawings of the vocational school have been prepared.  The school will be run on commercial basis offering technical training in various skills that are demanded on the Uganda market.  A Project proposal for the vocational school in Wakiso District has been developed and initial fundraising activities have commenced. 
  • Establishing a Health Centre in Mengo-Kisenyi Slum Area   
In addition, the NDF proposed to set up a Health Centre in Mengo-Kisenyi slum area as one of the means of realising the Foundation’s objective of promoting the welfare of women, children, youth and community living in Kisenyi.  The Health Centre will be of Grade IV status, where basic treatment for the common diseases like malaria, typhoid, diarrhoea, and sexually transmitted diseases can be treated.  In addition the centre will be able to offer antenatal care, deliveries and minor operations.  The health service will be delivered on a cost-sharing basis.  A full-time Administrator will manage the centre with the assistance of support staff.  
  • NDF Secretariat Institutional Development
Under this project, the NDF intends to recruitment more staff in the secretariat, carry out staff training and improve the secretariat professionalism.  To this end, the NDF is currently implementing an institutional capacity building project that involves hiring of a Technical Advisor with specific tasks to streamline internal management systems and controls of the secretariat.   The NDF Board of Directors also hired a consultant to lead them in the process of developing its five-year strategic plan, provided training in corporate Governance and developed a Monitoring and Evaluation system as a guide to track progress.  The Institutional Capacity Development project will continue on an annual basis. 
  • Support to the Physically Handicapped, Visually impaired, Orphans and Abandoned Children in Uganda
Under this project, 10 Braille machines, 260 Braille books, 50 white canes and 10 Double Decker beds will be provided to the blind children at Salaama School for the Blind in Mukono.

A borehole will be drilled and installed to provide clean water at St. Ponsiano Gondwe Primary School - Mukono, in addition to providing relevant textbooks and reading desks.

At Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped, the following activities will be undertaken;
Repairing the water system and sanitary facilities in the kitchen and installing a water tank to supply the new dormitory block with water.

Equipping the dining hall with special furniture, provision of pottery equipment and furniture for handicapped children and a hand sewing machine.
  • Establishing an early childhood care and development centre in Mengo Kisenyi Slum Area.
As one of the means of establishing the foundations objective of promoting the general welfare of the children, NDF proposes to establish an early childhood care and development centre in Mengo Kisenyi. The proposed centre will provide an adequate pre –primary centre for children before they enter the formal school system, as well as improving quality children’s learning environment. NDF will initially target to benefit 30 children from 30 house holds, identified in the Mengo Kisenyi slum area in the first year of the project.(60%girls and 40% boys). The selected children will be from very poor families that are headed by single mothers; and orphans looked after by their grand parents particulary as a result of HIV/AIDS. Parents will be involved in the development of the programme, planning and monitoring and evaluation to ensure cultural sensitivity and sustainability of the program. The establishment costs for the centre are estimated at USD 48,500 and annual operating costs at USD 73,000.
  • Provision of Safe Water for Katoogo Parish.
In an effort to provide clean and safe water to communities, NDF plans to start a project aiming at protection of 4 water sources in Katoogo Parish, Mukono district. A proposal for this project has been developed and has already been presented to possible donors.

Last Updated ( 2008-05-24 )
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