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Our Vision

“To be a leading organization in education, health and community empowerment, targeting children, youth and women”.
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Our Mission

“To contribute to the promotion of socio-economic development through support to education and health initiatives, community empowerment and promotion of good cultural values and practices”...
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Our Objectives

§ To enhance access to education for disadvantaged children, and youth.
§ To contribute to improved health standards for children, youth and women .
§ Community empowerment

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Our Staff

The Patron - Her Royal Highness the Nnabagereka (Queen) of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda Luswata...
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Our Contacts

Program Manager
Plot 20,Kampala Road
Radiant House 3rd Floor
P.O Box 33825
Kampala Uganda.

Tel: +256-414-344669
Fax: +256-414-345882
Email: ndt@one2netmail.co.ug
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Ekisaakaate is the traditional enclosure of a homestead of a local chief in Buganda. Traditionally, the children would be taken to the Kabaka’s loyal chiefs where they would be groomed into responsible adults of the future. Future kings too, were never spared this noble inculcation. Ekisaakaate was a prime institution where a child was exposed development of character, leaning of valuable life skills as well as discovery of new interests through practical training. Hence, the alumni of this informal education and training institution were the model icons of society in manners, discipline, responsibility, cultural norms and values of the Baganda.

Although the training in the kisaakaate was purposely for the boys, the girls were also attended to through the training offered under the auspices of the paternal aunties (bassenga). They acquired skills in domestic affairs, parenthood and family development The boys too, who underwent the KISAAKAATE training became respectable fathers with the best qualities of leadership.

Ekisaakaate together with the aunties’ training therefore, prepared the young ones for the future, equipped them with life skills to counteract the challenges in life. Hence, such sayings as:
  • “Weeyisa nga atali Muganda!” (you behave like a non – Muganda)
  • “Tewatuuzibwa” (you were never counseled)
  • “Omuganda tayisa atyo!” (A Muganda does not behave thus) and many others would be used to express dismay about someone who behaved in a way dissimilar to that of the kisaakaate trainees

Modern civilization however has accelerated moral decadence and societal degeneration. The scramble for economic survival and earthly wealth and prowess has betrayed parents with irresponsibility and hence exposed their children to horrible temptations. The parents today do not have time to spare for their children. The commercial aunties (bassenga) of today just sow seeds of obscenity and immorality. Today’s generation has missed out on their grannies’ love and tenderness simply because modern parents have shunned their parents’ role in bringing their grandchildren. As a consequence the children grow up not only alienated from their roots but also from the wealth of the life experience owned by the cultured grannies that are still living. 

The schools where the children now spend most of their time are after academic excellence and would never sacrifice their valuable time for a venture that is commercially meaningless. Programs for the life skills that are provided on the school timetable are just gambled with because the facilitators are more comfortable with exam oriented curriculum.

Hence, for the concern of our nation, salvaging and redirecting the people of our Mother Buganda, Uganda and the Baganda in diaspora into a secure and peaceful path, the Ekisaakaate put into action to strive after handle responsibly the challenges imposed by politics, economics, society, ideology, foreign, culture, religions and technology.


The Ekisaakaate Program is a semi-autonomous body under guidance of the NDF board.
Its office is currently located in Bulange Building at Mengo and works closely with the Office of Her Royal Highness, The Nnaabagereka (Queen of Buganda.)


Ensure that our people in the Buganda Kingdom and Uganda in general build and achieve a holistic, transformational and sustainable development in our society.


To nurture a new and holistic society by educating people on the basis of SEE, LEARN and ACT.


Being a foundation for the new and holistic society


The Ekisaakaate Program aims to achieve mainly the following socio-economic and education objectives:
  1. To instill and strengthen self-knowledge, self-belief and self control in the people.
  2. To instill and strengthen responsibility, good leadership and good moral values in the people, ethical conduct, integrity, decorum and politeness.
  3. To instill and strengthen in the people the potential to invent and to become rich through the right means.
  4. To instill and strengthen the potential in the people in order to protect and defend their social and physical environment and to use it in the most profitable manner.
  5. To instill and strengthen in the people the zeal to keep their bodies fit and healthy.
  6. To instill and strength in the people their faith in God and justice.
  7. To instill and strengthen in the people the love for the Luganda language and to use it well.
  • THE CAMPS  2006,2007,2008.
  • EKISAAKATE 2009.

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